Welcome to the new Heartonsleevejewelry.com

Thank you for visiting my new blog. This is meant for me to keep everyone in the loop of what is happening around here. The blog will keep my site updated with fresh new images of my work, as well as new designs, and all around news. Please check back frequently, and take advantage of the RSS feed. I will be updating this often, and it is interactive. If you love or hate something that you see, leave me a comment. Any feedback is good feedback. You can easily share posts with the link buttons for facebook, twitter, etc. I do like to run sales from time to time so also keep out for that. I can also make the posts a bit more in depth that the standard myspace/facebook posts that I have been doing for the past 2 years. So please stick around, and keep your eyes on what's happening. Get rad/stay rad. Mark


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