Acid etched metals

I like to work on more than just plugs.  I also like to more than just wood, although that is my main medium.  Let's take a step back from this term of "organic jewelry" and look at some of the newer ideas going on here. Since I began school in March, ideas are swimming through my head at a rate that I can't even keep up with them.  One project that evolved from that stream is a matching set of brass weights.  Each one weighs 48 grams and has an acid etched spider web type design on the face.  These are (painstakingly) hand cut from an 8 gauge sheet, filed, sanded,  and drawn on  with an acid resist.  I buffed these to have a mirror finish.  So much that you can see my hands reflecting off the surface when I took the picture.  These are for sale.  If anyone is interested, please do let me know.

brass weights

I have also made several bracelets using acid etching techniques.  I will be taking custom orders on these.  The ones pictured are not available, but I can do similar ones.  Each design is hand drawn on.  Every design is freestyle, making each one unique.

acid etched brass bracelets

Here is a stainless steel one made with the same techniques.

stainless steel acid etched bracelet

This patina copper one is available.  It is a little larger than the others, measuring at 6-1/2 inch long and 1-1/2 inch wide.  Message me if you are interested.

copoper bracelet


Standard sizing on the bracelets is 1 inch wide by 6 inches long.  They are made from 26 gauge spring hard metal and hand shaped.  They can fit a whole range of wrist sizes, although I can make them smaller or larger. Prices are as follows (in standard sizing) -brass or copper $25 plus shipping.  These can be sprayed with matte or glossy clear coat to protect oxidation.  If you want the oxidation, I can leave them naked or rub a paste wax on. -stainless steel is $35 plus shipping.  These get buffed to have the mirror surface on the design, but the background remains dull.  These will pop out. Back to what I am known for... my plugs..  Well I will have more stuff to post in the next blog, but I wanted to offer up some new gems that I just picked up.  Along with what's pictured I also picked have some 2 mm white, black, lavender, champagne, and amethyst colored czs.  Click on the picture for sizes and descriptions of the stones.

colored cz's available

Next blog I will get back to the plugs.  I have a wholesale order of tears that were made for modify in australia, along with some other hanging styles and new wood types.  Keep an eye on the happenings here. Easy, Mark

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