Some new shiny stuff

This one's all about the recent pretty's i've made that sparkle or shine. This pair is a bit subtle but those little gems in there to add a bit for flair to the set. 2 inch vera made for my friend Dan at Art to zen tattoo.





2 inch vera wood with 2 mm czs

This was a birthday present for my mom. Pink ivory discs with sterling silver inlays. 20 gauge and 16 gauge in the outer ring and 2 little gems. She was very pleased with them.


pink ivory and sterling

These guys right here are a one of a kind treat. Amboyna burl hangers. The girl that ordered these gave me an artistic licence to go nuts, and I did. 53 copper inlays in each one. 20 gauge and 14 gauge. Also 10 little gems popped in there. I really hope to make more like these.

amboyna burl with copper

These little pretties were made for Bonnie at Dorje adornments. 22 mm ebony with a 20 mm cz up front.

22 mm Ebony with 20 mm pink cz[/caption] This is a lovely 3 piece set. These were all made with figured zebrano and sterling. The 12 mm czs are held in place with the small ring of bloodwood. Very crisp and clean look to the whole set. [caption id="attachment_201" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="Earring and pendant set"]zebra with sterling

This is my trophy set here. I made these as the final project in my metals class. They are made from sterling silver and have the large champagne czs bezel set in the middle. Alternating around the edge are 16 alternating white and champagne gems. All of those are flush set. The whole back is open. With a little light coming through they shine.



sterling plugs

Here's me wearing them. These are designated to be special occasion plugs.


So for next time... Not really sure yet. Most likely a follow up to the new materials posting, as well as progress shots from the last entry. Stick around.

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