Hoochie hoops

I have been very slack on my blogs here this summer. I had many good intentions, but time has other ideas. I have many designs to put up on here, but facebook normally takes them first. Micro blogs are so much easier than real ones. Either way I want to show off some of these large diameter earrings that I have been making. My favorite thing to make right now. Here is my most recent set. They are available by the way. Just over 3 inch diameter holly rings. Made with my own 16 gauge friction fit niobium latch closure. There are 39 gems lining each one in a pattern of black, white and champagne cubic zirconia.

3 inch holly hoops

This pair I made as a barter for one of my friends.  2 inch diameter curly walnut with amethyst colored gems.

walnut 2 inch hoops

Just one more for tonight. Redheart. 2-1/2 inch diameter. Lined with a burst of sterling silver and alternating black and white cubic zirconia. Incredibly sexy.

redheart hoops

Ican make hoops similar to these in many sizes, and just about any wood type. Mix and match gems or metals. I thoroughly enjoy making these, and love seeing them worn even more. They can be made as just earrings or to be worn through plugs. I am very open for suggestion with these and have no shame decorating the fuck out of them. Cheers.

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