New inlay materials

I have just picked up several materials to add a little more to the woods I use.   Change it up with a little flair.  These were all reasonably priced, so I can offer the same to you guys.


First here is a pair of breciated jasper.  These will fit nicely into a 38 mm or larger plug.  They were drilled for a pendant, but the little holes can easily be covered up with an inlay.


I have a whole strand of these available.  They can fit in anything 22 mm and above and will probably look good in a dark wood.

12 mm sodalite

11 mm shell.  These can fit about a 14 mm and up for the sodalite and 13 mm and up for the shell.  I have a lot of both of these and could even decorate the face of a larger plug with several.

30 mm jasper[/caption] These will look great in some type of burl wood.  The pattern on the stone itself looks like little burl eyes.  32 mm and up inlay.  I have enough for 2 sets of plugs.

25 mm tigers eye[/caption] 28 mm and up inlay with these.  I have enough for 2 sets of plugs.  Very nice chantoyance on all of them.  I can also get larger sizes and donuts as well.

25 mm pink shell.  Lot's of flash on these.  I also have blue ones available as shown below in bloodwood.  They will fit in 28 mm and up plugs.


20 mm amethyst with a faceted face.  I have 3 pairs of these that are all different shades and translucency.  Make that 2 pairs, since I will use a set for myself.  They are good for a 22 mm and up sized plug. Any of these materials are available immediately for inlay in any available wood.  Prices will be based on the complexity of the design and type of wood.  Some of these will make a great inlay as is, but sometimes they are nicer with the back drilled out to shine the light through.  I also like to use a wood inlay to hold them in as well. Any questions or ideas with any of these, please don't hesitate to ask.  For price quotes, give me a size and wood type and I will do my best to accurately price them. Cheers. Mark -

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