Copper rings

I have recently acquired many feet of copper wire in 6, 8 and 10 gauge.  First thing I though of was big ass hoochie rings.  I like seeing girls that wear them big, so in turn I love making them big.  I can basically accommodate any size of hoops desired. The first set I made as the prototype.  They are 3.5 inches in diameter.  I put 18 gauge sterling silver in the middle and soldered it into a recess.

These have been polished to a mirror finish.  The copper will oxidize and lose the luster, so these can be laquered to seal it in.  The oxidation is a look in it's own that's not bad, but if a polished look is desired laquer is the way to go. I'm not totally satisfied with the clasp on those, so I made a prototype 2.0.  Instead of soldering the wire in, I riveted the silver so it has a range of motion.  Much more functional.  These were left with a matte or brushed finish.

I plan on using the second closure in future rings.  These are made to be worn in regular or "non-stretched" lobes.  But considering all the plugs I make, I will make them wide enough to be worn through eyelets.  The gaps in both of these pairs are about 5/8 wide.  I can make them more or less.  Whatever suits the user. So the options are endless.  All different gauges, diameters, finishing, whatever.  I can patina the rings to stray away from the copper look.  I can hammer some out flatter, flush set stones, inlay other wire to make dots.  I am very open for suggestions.  I am also on the lookout for some brass to make similar rings.  I can do silver as well.  So I really do mean that the possibilities are endless. Come to me with any ideas. Cheers. Mark.

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