New classy

That is what I am bringing to you guys today.  I have been working on a few prototypes on new inlay designs and techniques.  Here are a few different sets that I plan on making more of.

Since I have been studying metal smithing in school, I have been wanting to do the concave polished domes.  I'll admit, I did see the idea from reign first, but I haven't seen the wood metal combo to the same like. The small domes are hand cut, filed, domed and polished before the plugs are made.  The polish in these produces an upside down image of what it is reflecting.  (you can see me and my camera if you look closely) It's pretty wild to see up close.  In the same style, I can reverse the dome to give you a fish eye lens look. I am offering these in sizes 1/2 inch up.  (I can most likely accommodate up to 2 inch domes for large customers)  I am offering brass, copper, stainless steel, and silver.  For any quotes, please contact me with a size, wood type and metal type.  Do not be alarmed at the price of silver these days!!

Shown are both 1 inch plugs.  Ebony with stainless steel, and tiger ebony with brass.  The tiger ebony pair I wear myself, but the other is available. These guys are a bit of an experiment.  Basically I have captured 5 different materials into a one inch plug.  Gem, in red maple burl, in rib fruited mallee burl, in copper, in amboyna burl.  Made with  a slight concave to the face.  Real complicated with several inlays, but you can see the direction I am heading with this.

I am willing to part with these, however if no one grabs them soon I will be wearing them.  I also plan on doing more in other sizes and woods.  I can't wait to see how the three woods age together. These are another multiple inlay set.  They are made from genuine lignum vitae.  They are inlayed with a 12 mm simulated tanzanite cz held in by a ring of kingwood within amboyna burl.  These are my favorite of the bunch and need to be in ears so badly.

I am gearing up toward the higher end of things in the world of jewelry.  Please don't get sticker shock on pricing for the more "fine" items like above.  I want to be able to cater to any price range, but I can go as far up as the client requires. So you guys can expect to see more of my metalwork and stone setting incorporated with the wood that I am known for.  I have a few more things in the works for the near future. Get into it.


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