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Most of the work I post on here is more geared at the custom orders.  I really enjoy working out ideas with fresh people, but sometimes its easier to pick what you want and order directly instead.  This 2 inch set I have here was ordered right off the website.

Generally I go a bit thinner on this style, but the wood itself is so beautiful I wanted to display it.  The backs of these are flat and show a little more of it.  I do have a much larger piece of the same wood, which is the finest amboyna I have ever had, and can cover up to about 3 inches.

I really dig the striping going on here.  The coloring isn't as dark as most bloodwood which I also really dig.  I do have a much larger piece like this available for sizes up to around 2-3/4.

These were real fun to make.  The open hearts have definitely become one of my trademark styles.  Pink ivory is one of the finer woods, one of the best ones for plugs, and it really shows in open hearts.  This particular piece is a really deep saturated dark pink, although it can range from this to a pale peachy color.  It is very dense and hard, and polishes so nicely. I was very happy to make this set all together for one person, and I hope that we can get some glamor shots with them.  If you like these woods and/or styles, browse through the website.  A lot of time it can answer questions as well as creating ideas. I got some new stuff in the works for the next one.  I have some very tasty new materials and I may post some more of my metal work soon since I have a few items available.

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