Bloodwood, copper, and amber

I've been working on some new designs for plugs that combine a lot of techniques and materials.  I recently finished up this pair that uses bloodwood, copper, and a large pair of amber cabs made by Relic Stoneworks.  Since it was a process, I worked on these in steps and took a few shots along the way. This is the sketch I made with the customers idea.

I listed different wood and metal options of what I though would work well with the amber.  Once we decided on copper and bloodwood I got to work. [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="344" caption="Set in copper"][/caption] I formed and fit the copper around the stone, and photographed it on a certificate of authenticity. Here the bloodwood, which is cut to display the side grain, is roughed out and fit for the bezel.

I masked off the amber to keep from getting scratched from handling it.  The seat for the bezel is cut out using mostly hand tools. The bezels are fit and the carvings are started.

A lot more messy work and we end up  with these.

I am very pleased with the end product.  It was a time intensive project, but one of my favorites I have had the pleasure to make.

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