Wood stocks/re-stocks and new materials

It's already March, and it's my first blog post.  Sorry guys, been crazy with everything in my life.  Regardless, lots of things happening here.  Let's start with the wood, since that's my main media.

I work with a broad range of materials from very plain wood to the finest burls, like above.  I have re-stocked this exhibition grade piece of amboyna, and can cover any size plug.  It comes at a premium price, just slightly above the regular burl.

High figure maple burl.  It's a very tough wood to work with.  Anyone that has turned it can concur.  However, when done properly the end result is amazing.  Above is an example pair from the new piece I recently re-stocked.  It is available as a wood option on standard wood ordering.

Pistachio wood from California.  It covers a broad range of colors from white to gray with pink speckles, to tan, and even greenish like seen above.  I have this available up to about 39 mm right now.  I can likely get more in larger sizes for anyone interested.  It is relatively cheap, so you don't need deep pockets to be able to wear it.

California olive burl.  I have a few large pieces that are drying right now, but a few small pieces that should make up to 1/2 inch round ready for use.  This is high figure stuff and highly fragrant.  Lot's of eyes and swirls.  The above labret and 1/2 inch plugs are available for sale.  I will trickle more pieces in as it drys.  Biblical wood, grown in Bethlahem!  I have a piece of this wood available from the holy land.  It is a branch piece, so the figure will be real similar to the above pair with the round graining.  Available up to 1-3/4 inch or 44.5 mm round.

I purchased many pounds of this over a year ago. (Many pounds!!)  I cut it up to dry and have been working off some smaller pieces.  I took the time to cut out the figure for showing all colorful eyes.  Right now I have a lot of this available to cover just about any size.  The color and figure is all over the place, and no two pieces are the same.

Narra, the tree that grows the luscious amboyna burl, like shown in the first picture.  The wood in non-burl form is also beautiful.  When turned with the grain, it looks pretty normal, but when it's turned against the grain, like in the picture above it's very vivid.  It can be a golden tan color to a bright orange, and has a nice shimmer when oiled.  I have acquired several pieces and can cover just about any sizes.  It is also on the cheaper end of woods.

Mesquite, grown in the deserts of North America.  Arizona, Texas, and also Mexico.  It's a hard, tight grained wood, with a nice even texture.  A rich brown that get's darker when it ages.  Available right now about 44 mm and under, but I can probably source some for larger sizes.

Also on the line of new materials, I have began my journey into the lapidary arts.  Stone working for anyone that's not familiar with the term.  I started a few years ago making cabs at the local lapidary society, but had to stop because of school.  I recently invested in some equipment of my own to get back into it.

Now I have the capabilities to make cabs, single flared plugs, and labrets from stone.  I am starting to take some custom orders, but it's based on what I have on hand right now, so it can be a little limited.  The best thing to do is give me a size and a wearable length in an email and we can figure it out from there.

As well as the stone, I have began working in amber.  Although it's considered a gemstone, it has characteristics of it's own unlike any thing else.  I can basically do anything I can with wood in amber, well most things anyway.  Here's a couple examples.

8 mm heart conch pin I made for myself from red chiapas amber.

This piece is stunning.  I love the red and yellow contrast that you can see from the side.  From the front, it's not so apparent.  It is available for sale to anyone interested.

I really enjoy the amber work.  I do want to do a lot more of it, including plugs.  Amber however gets exponentially expensive for large pieces.  Please keep that in mind and don't get sticker shock on price quotes.  It takes millions of years to create! That's it for the time being.  I will keep plugging away.  Any questions or price quotes, as always please contact me.



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