Wood bamboo style earrings

On my latest project, I wanted to show a little about how these were made from conception to tangible craft. I got a request to produce some of these large triangle shaped earrings in wood with a 1/2 inch wearable size..


I have actually been thinking about something similar for a while but circular.  I thought the triangle may be more fun to make. I started thinking of how to do them and sketched this up.

Talked about it with the customer and we decided to cut into some afzelia burl. Wasn't sure what to expect with the wood and was pleased with what was hidden in it. Here the shapes are roughed out from about a 3.5 inch square.

The pieces are book matched and mapped out


Once all the ground work was laid out, I started carving away. Ended up with these.  A  3 x 3 inch trapezoid hanging shape.

Door knocker earrings.

Here's a detail of the brass and burl figure in the bottom.  I love all of the contrasting colors throughout the piece.

Afzelia burl and brass

Brass lining the front and back.

The end result of this project blew me away.

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