Hybrid designs

I really enjoy making mixed media designs. With the versatility of wood, elegance of metal, and the beauty of stone, I try to capture as much as I can in one piece.  I have also been using my hands for some design carving to add more character.  Here's a few designs I've made in that vain.  I plan on doing a lot more, so contact me with any ideas.


Picture Jasper, in brown mallee in copper, in cherry burl, in amboyna burl.  35 mm wearable size quad inlay plugs.  Real fun to  make.  

38 mm amboyna burl with scroll carvings, copper dots and lapis lazuli cabs.  They are convex on both sides to add extra volume.

25.5 mm Canary wood with carnelian shown with the light from behind.  

25 mm amboyna with amber cabs set in copper.  


Carved Tree of Gondor with sterling silver.  

These tears were down sized from a previously made pair, and I added sage amethyst cabs to it and carved it.  

 Eyelets with the carved face.  

This project is probably my most heavily involved project I have made.  It started with the thick glass cabs after breaking the set I tried to make, I got help from someone at the School for American Crafts.  I built the brass bezel to fit the cab and cut the moth wing to fit.  It is a Caligo moth from peru.  The "owl eyes" it has are most of the lower wing.  Those pieces got set and sealed under the glass. Next I had to make the plug to fit it into.  Once it was made I fit the cabs and did the carving.  These are made from Geniune Lignum Vitae.  Very hard wood to carve.  This is what all of that experimenting made, shown to give you an idea of the scale.

Although I don't think I will make any more moth wing plugs like above, I can do much similar with stone.  So please contact me with any ideas, I will be happy to take on more complex ideas.

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