Stone? Tears!


Happy Easter, HOS style!  I just finished these guys up for immediate consumption.  19 mm velvet obsidian.  Made with a gentle flare.

I don't think I will have these too long, but at the moment I can sell them for $55. When I bought this, I really didn't know what to expect.  The pictures just looked like flat color, which was alright with me, but in reality they have more of a labradorite type effect.  Plain black/gray, but they look like a holographic rainbow in light.  Both sides have slightly different color variations including blue, yellow, pink, and green. I do also have a 7 mm labret made with the same material (pictures to come later), and I have enough of this material to make another set of plugs around 16-13 mm round.

Amazonite.  Such a magical stone to work with.  I thoroughly enjoyed making all of these pieces.  This was my first attempt at making a full set in stone.  The top is a 7 mm oval labret, 10 mm single flares for flats, and the tears are 38 mm.  I made these for my friend Suzy at Modify in Adelaide, Australia.  Real excited at how well the set came out.

I can't share all of those without also including my first amazonite run.

11 mm septum plug, 10 mm oval labret, 11 mm oval labret.  All spoken for, although I do have some smaller bits for other

projects available.

This set of tear shapes was my first attempt at making stone double flared tears.  This picture jasper, was very hard, very solid, and makes great plugs.  I love the hint of sky blue that comes through. I am not sure of the region of where this came from, but I do have more for other projects, although it's not as brown as these are.   I will be offering stone plugs in single flared or double flared.  All sorts of shapes and sizes 5 mm to 38 mm.  Please contact me for any questions regarding a particular size or material.  I am not adequately set up for production in stone yet, so each pair takes a significant amount of time to make.  Please take that into consideration when asking any quotes.  As I make more, I will continue to update the blog with new items. Cheers. -Mark

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