Quartz, hearts

I recently made these hearts from rutilated quartz as an experiment.  I do like how they came out, and am willing to do more in other materials as well. Right away I got an idea for an inlay project using these.  With a lucky recipient willing to try out a new design, I went for it.  Basically I made the heart cutout, and set them in, and used brass prongs to secure the cabs in without any adhesive. Here's a few shots of what came out.

I genuinely enjoyed making these, and more so, enjoyed the results.  The clear quality of the quartz glows with the light from behind, and the brass is a nice color match to the rutile. When I originally posted the picture of the cabs, I was asked if I could make them in a 00.  I went for it, and made these.  Again, I really enjoyed the results.

Here's the same plugs shown in sunlight to display the translucency.

And on the note of experimentation, and quartz, I gave a go at some freehand faceting.  These were real fun to make, and not as difficult as I expected.  These are made with the idea of rings or pendants in mind.  Although I'd like to create some nice silver pieces with them, I'll be willing to part with them for the right person.  Anyone interested in setting these, please do let me know.

I had a lot of fun with these.  I do plan on doing more, as well as making creative settings for them. I am on a huge quartz kick lately.  I really feel drawn to it, and can't get enough.  It is a such a pleasure to carve.  If any of these pictures inspire ideas for other projects, please do let me know.

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