New minerals

Yes, I've done some shopping for gems and minerals.  I've done some online searching.  I also went to our local gem and mineral show. These are some of the finer ones I've picked up recently, as well as some pieces already cut up to make plugs with. Let's start with turquoise.

The large block up top is set up for me to easily make plugs with.  I can go up to about 1 inch round or larger in teardrops.  The top right piece is a slab of the same material for cabs.  I may actually use most of it for a large belt buckle cab.  The smaller guys will make nice labrets or small gauge plugs.  This material is very pricey, and will have a premium rate for all projects.  It's so nice I couldn't help myself.


Brazilian chrysoprase.  The color on these is amazing!  These will work nicely for small plugs or labrets.  The longer piece in the middle looks to be high gem quality.  This is a premium material.


Andean  opal, quite pink.  More vivid than the picture looks.  I'm thinking 0 gauge plugs, or slightly larger oval fronts.  I may be willing to separate them for small labrets.


Variegated red tigers eye.  High quality material.  This slab is thick enough for plugs and quite large (about 9-10 inches across).  I can cut this to whatever size up to 38 mm, in round or teardrop shapes.


I'm interested to see how this one looks polished up. I can cut this to whatever size up to 38 mm, in round or teardrop shapes.


Imperial wave jasper (above),  1 inch tears or below.  Nice bands of color going through with a book-matched presentation.  Brazilian amazonite below.  Looks like about a 19 mm round or below.

assorted matched pairs[/caption] Up top, banded calcite.  Rounds maybe up to 22 mm, although I do have a LOT more of this material available.  Half and half obsidian, perfect size for 16 mm tears or smaller.  The bottom is some Arizona rainbow petrified wood.  Extremely hard material with a rainbow of colors going through.  This material is getting particularly scarce.  I'd really like to make an oval set with these, but tears would work as well.  Up to about 28 mm for a longer tear shape.



Clear quartz and amethyst.  The quartz looks like it may work in a 16-13 mm tear, and the amethyst up to about 19 mm.  The amethyst is quite nicely transparent and book matched.  I generally keep both quartz and amethyst around in smaller sizes as well.

blue apatite, cz 

Blue apatite is the top pair.  These will turn out to 16 mm or smaller double flared plugs.  When it's polished, it looks much nicer than it appears up there.  The lower pieces are blue cubic zirconia.  High quality man-made gems.  These will make your ears glow!

tigers eye 

I have a few pieces of this.  I can make up to about 19 mm round and larger in teardrops.  This particular piece is all flash on the front, and should make some nice projects.

asst pieces for labrets 

Here's a few choice pieces I've been saving for labrets.  Clockwise from the top: Rose quartz.  16 mm round or below. Smoky quartz, 19 mm round (maybe) or smaller. I believe this to be orange aventurine, or some type of quartz.  This will make a nice WIDE oval. I believe this to be green quartzite, but I'm not 100% sure.  It's set up for a decent sized oval about 16 mm or so. The black piece is Jet.  Petrified coal.  Very lightweight.  This will make a large gauge oval labret.  I do have another smaller piece available as well.   Please contact me with a description of what you need, sizes and materials included for any quotes.  Not all of these minerals are treated equally, so please take that into consideration.  I may work on some of these projects when I get free time, until then they will be available.

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