So many good thinks happening here! The big one first and foremost is that I will be graduating college in May!  Very excited about this.  I will have a BFA in metalsmithing and jewelry design.  What does this mean to HOS?  Expansion of product lines, outside of just plugs. Along with new products, the website will be getting a much needed face-lift to accommodate the changes.  My brother, will be reworking the existing site and updating features.  These will include new ways to shop for made to order items as well as the addition of pre-made products as well.  The idea will be adding new items in real time as they are made, while adding new material listings for made to order items as they come in. We are shooting for a launch of the new site (hopefully) Mid June.  Also happening in June is the annual APP conference is Vegas.  This year I will be attending with all the goodies I can make in the meantime.  This is huge for me and will be enormous exposure for HOS. This year has been extremely busy, and I am thankful for everyone that has made purchases recently.  It has been so busy I decided to take on an apprentice to help with wood production.  So far he has been very good and precise with sizing.  I will continue to train him on my techniques so I can focus on other tasks. Lots of new stone in as well for plugs an other projects. (but I'll save that for another post). So that's it for now. I'll send you off with my most recent work. 25 mm olive burl, with checkerboard blue topaz, set in brass, set in the wood.  Fully open back and floral motif.olive burl, brass, blue topaz

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