Version 3.0

Here we are, going for the third website upgrade to!! I wouldn't be here without the support of all my followers, so thanks to all of you for making this possible. In addition to wood plugs previously offered, there will now be metal and stone options. For the launch, there's a small number of made to order items.  That will get bulked up over time.  The plan is to constantly keep adding new materials and new designs as things come up.  The website will remain active and current.  Listings will be added in real time for both made to order and pre-made pieces. There are many items that are no longer available as made to order items.  That doesn't mean that they still can't be made.  If there's something you would like that isn't there, or if you want a similar design with different materials, feel free to contact me at any time.  I'm still geared towards custom work, and am always taking new orders.  Questions are always welcome. -Mark Thone,  Heart on Sleeve Jewelry

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