About the #polygonclub...


In the year of 2014 began the birth of many polygons. The making of the free-formed polygon shape came as a rejection to traditional boundaries of calibrated size or standard shape. Carving stone plugs and body jewelry requires a tight tolerance for size and shape. It's hard to stay on a strict limit, while still being expressive in the media of stone. Sometimes it's necessary to cut loose from that, and just have fun. I've been cutting free-formed cabs in between orders to maintain a healthy balance of the strict and the loose.


At some point in the end of 2014, they really started to accumulate. I could take the time to photograph and list them individually, but that would take a lot of time. People like free stuff, so I decided to start giving them out on the condition that people make projects with them. This whole idea kind of snowballed from here and worked itself into the club.


The polygonclub from there morphed into a worldwide open call for jewelry artists. In order to apply, entries were juried by myself to pick qualified makers.  Over forty makers of all skill levels were given the chance to participate. These makers were given 2-3 polygon cabochons to work with and a time limit to create a piece or pieces of jewelry. Using the hashtag #polygonclub across social media, the club was cross promoted by myself as well as the makers.

In order to keep people motivated, I put together a few prize packages (more cabs!) for a gold, silver, and bronze winner. I enlisted my colleagues from RIT Erica Bello, and Jake Martin to jury the show and keep it unbiased. Also included is 13 honorable mentions.




-Mark Thone



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