It's been a while since any updates, but I'm happy to have some news on the polygon front.  Just over a year ago is when the whole club idea came into fruition.   I'd like to think of last year as a prototype on how to run an open call.  This year we can go all into it with the added experience and continue to grow.

A general idea of rules, updates, and how this will run for 2016:

-The basic- I send you polygon cabs, you put them to work, we share.

-This is an open call to any crafters out there!  Whether you are a student, night time-amateur, or professional jeweler, anyone can apply.  It is set up for jewelry, but if anyone can use stone cabochons in another type of craft, they may also apply.
-Email: heartonsleeve@live.com with up to 8 photos or a link (instagram, etsy, website) to apply, please show your best work, not all entries will be accepted!
-Open call to join will officially run January 1st through March 31st.  Anyone that previously submitted work last year can automatically join and skip the jury process.  Please email me to let me know interest and to add you to the 2016 list.  These people also have the opportunity to make specific requests regarding new cabs.  This could be material request, or size request. So please contact me to join the new list and keep in the loop.
-As far as #polygonclub 2016 contest photo submissions go, this will change slightly from last year.  With dropbox's new team folder, I can add you via email to the polygon club team.  You can then submit and upload photos of your work right there for the contest/competition.  Everyone on the team can also view the other projects.  This is a great way for everyone to interact and see the other projects as they come in.  Anyone that has experience here, please share with me to help it run smoother!
-All photo submissions will be due April 30th!  This deadline is very firm, no excuses!  The sooner you apply, the more time you have to work.
-All social media posting should include the hashtag #polygonclub to keep the group online.  This thing can grow and grow if everyone helps share either production shots or finished work.  I'm using my instagram account (@heart_ons) for the most part, but feel free to share any other way.   Some pics that are tagged may be repost to share.
-The jewelry is yours to do what you'd like with when completed!  We are sharing online only right now, but potentially there could be an actual show in real life as well.
-Each artist/crafter will be sent 2 random stone cabochons (selected based on the work sent in), shipping will be your responsibility- $3 USPS domestic, $8 USPS international. Upon approval, you will be sent an invoice via heartonsleevejewelry.com to cover the cost.

-All cabs will be polygons!  Strictly freeform polygons, no circles, ovals, matched pairs, or calibrated shapes. This does not necessarily fit everyone's idea or aesthetic, but I want to see how you guys can think on your feet.  A big part of the challenge is to work outside of your norm, and to show everyone how you can build something around a cab unseen.
-If you receive a cab that just absolutely doesn't work with you, send me a message and one or both can be swapped out for something different. 

-If you receive cabs and decide you want to opt out for any reason, all I ask is you please send the cabs back so they can be shared with others in the club.  Any ones left over from last year can also be used.
-People local to Rochester, or Upstate NY do have the option of stopping in the studio and selecting two in person.  Let me know and we can make arrangements.
-Not all materials will be offered for free cabochons.  Certain things that come from more expensive rough such as opal, fire agate, turquoise, etc, will not be sent out as free cabs.  However, these could be ordered and purchased as custom polygons.  These can still be used for the contest.  People that want to buy custom polygons may submit extra projects with them.
-Prizes will be TBD at this point, but likely a similar parcel of cabs: Gold-opal, Silver-Fire agate, Bronze-labradorite.
-All entries will be juried by myself, as well as the three winners from last year: Audrey Messinger, Hannah Treber, Chris Rackley. 
-Winners will be announced May 15th 2016!

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