Dealers choice DF Teardrop shaped stone plugs

This is the option for anyone that's indecisive, needs nice jewelry on a budget, or anyone that enjoys a good surprise. Cutting out specific materials for specific orders leaves me with many odds and ends.  The small bits of different stone add up, and this is a good way to put some of that to use.  Other materials may be selected by what I can't adequately name, or just something new to try out. Sometimes the end result may be something you didn't even know about, sometimes you get a really good deal on a more expensive stone.  Either way most people have been very satisfied with their purchases, and end up with a solid set of plugs at a good price.


This listing is for one pair of teardrop shaped plugs, please select size to purchase.  Only made in 12.5 mm or 1/2 inch or larger

Made to order plugs, please allow 4-5 weeks production time


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