Designer series quartz- "Germ" Herkimer diamond quartz carving

Herkimer gems and known for their fine formations and water clarity. 

The Germ is some kind of bacteria or virus that's been magnified and trapped within the crystal to show it's structural form.

This gem a naturally formed quartz crystal that's been carved on the back, also known as an intaligo. The facets on the quartz refracts the image at different angles. The design isn't polished, so it will appear opaque even in a dark background.

Great as a collectors piece, or would make a killer pendant.  Please contact if you are interested in making this into a custom project, I'd love to set this thing.

Comes shipped in a glass top case to protect and display the gem

Approximate size- 32.5 x 26 x 12.7 mm, 70 carats

Video post on instagram, showing all angles.

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