Eternity style silver ring with lab rubies set on three sides

The ring is made in silver and a size 10.5 set with lab rubies.  On the top there is 12- 2 mm sized stones, on either side is 11- 1.5 mm sized stones, 34 in total. The focus on this ring was an attempt to set gems very close on three different sides of square stock wire.  I have filed down the band on the two sides part for design, but also for comfort.

Typically I try to use natural stones in my work, but the lab ruby is one exception.  I love the uniform hot-pink color of these, which can get to be quite pricey for natrural.  The rubies actually glow a reactive pink under a UV light as well.

This ring was fabricated as means for me to practice this type of stone setting, with a focus on the close proximity setting.  While I'm very happy with the design, the settings can be much cleaner.  The only way to do so is to keep practicing with different patterns and stones.  Since this was more or less a practice ring, I'm taking the price down to only cover materials and some of the labor.

For any custom orders or ideas, please feel free to contact me.  I'm happy to make custom designs like this as practice at reduced rates while learning.


Product Type: Metal

Category(s): lab ruby, Metal, metal ring, pave, ring, rings, rubies, ruby, silver, sterling

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