Rochester series- Large cabs cut from self collected materials

Five totally different cabs, cut from different materials. All of these were collected in Rochester NY in 2018.  Took these home to be cut and cabbed and I'm really impressed with how they look! With the exception of the dark green cab, all are hard stone and durable enough for jewelry.

Each one has interesting characteristics, and would make some great jewelry. They are all fairly large, and ideal for pendants. Available as is, or could be incorporated into a custom piece. Please use the custom form for any requests.

Top- serpentine

Right- agate/jasper white base with maroon spots (SOLD)

Middle- gray jasper with agate seam in rounded square, some fractures

Lower left- white jasper with iron inclusions, oval shape

Top left- Petrified wood, hard quartz with distinct grain direction, round freeform

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