About me

Since starting Heart on Sleeve back in 2008, my life became fully engulfed in craft. I wouldn't have it any other way. When it all began, I was learning a bench jewelry position during the day, and at night I was turning wood plugs for myself.  After getting better at it, I started using social media to spread the word, and this is when the idea for HOS came to life.  Myspace and etsy were used as a store front, while gaining a following and building skills.  

After losing my job as a bench jeweler, I decided that HOS needed to be a full time passion.  I went back to school to get a BFA in metals, while working on the business and also taking care of and raising my son. In 2012 I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American craft.  At that point, HOS and craft in general has already fully occupied my life and has continued to until this day.  I stay busy 24/7 maintaining the business and craft.

To me HOS is more than just making plugs and jewelry, it's about my own creative expression and constant need of working with my hands.  It's about supporting my family without the need of outside work.  It's about sharing with the world what I love to do and what I am passionate about.

I'm revising this passage in 2018, realizing that this idea has been working for the past decade.  It means a lot to have stuck to it, and still having the continued drive for the next decade.  Couldn't have done it without the support of you guys out there!  Thanks for keeping this thing going.

-Mark Thone

Heart on Sleeve, 2018