The following will answer questions about sizing, materials, returns and shipping.

Most handmade plugs aren’t precisely sized, however, ear lobes can be fairly flexible and will adapt to what you wear. Wood and stone jewelry is made by the process of removal. Once material is removed, it can’t be added back. In some cases, too much material is removed so pieces are made with an accepted variance from the ordered size. If a piece is off by more than specified below, you will be notified and have the choice to accept the piece or have another made. If you need the size to be exact, this may be possible for an extra fee. Please make note of special sizing requirements when ordering.

Round plugs generally run true to size or slightly smaller and are made with an accepted variance of +/- .5 mm from the ordered size. This is valid for any size under 2 inch/51 mm. Any piece over 2 inch is made to within +/- .1 mm.

Since teardrops aren’t round, they are made to be slightly undersized so that the ear has slack to fit the longer shape. The accepted variance is +/- .1 mm from the ordered size.

Labrets are made with an accepted variance of +/- .5 mm from the ordered size.  

If you’ve ordered a stone piece that is sized outside of the accepted variance, there is a possibility that additional material may not be available for a replacement, in which case you’ll be notified to work out an alternative order.

Since I work primarily with natural wood and stone materials, there will be variation in each piece. Please anticipate that your piece may not be exactly like the one pictured. In addition, please take any allergies into account prior to ordering. I try to work with benign materials so as to avoid allergic reactions. For this reason, I will not work with many woods that are notoriously toxic to humans (e.g. purple heart, cocobolo, rosewood, etc.).

If you have received your piece and the size does not meet with the above policies and expectations, or the style or material are inconsistent with your order, please contact me.

If your piece arrives broken or damaged, please contact me with pictures of both the item and packaging. You may be eligible for reimbursement by the USPS and in most cases your item will be replaced.

If you ordered the wrong size, are allergic to a material, or the material differs from the item pictured, returns are not granted.

All domestic orders are currently shipped via USPS first class or priority service. Tracking info is confirmed by email when your order is shipped. Please ensure that your shipping address is entered correctly before checking out. If your shipping address is incorrect, HOS is not responsible for lost orders. If after several weeks you haven’t received your order and your address was listed correctly, please contact me.

Shipping insurance is available and only insured packages may be reimbursed by the USPS. If you opt not to purchase insurance, you will not be protected from improper handling.

International orders are also shipped via USPS first class service. Tracking information is unfortunately not available. For an extra $12, packages can be sent via registered mail which does provide tracking. International customers are responsible for any tariffs or taxes. Packages cannot be sent as a gift to alleviate customs fees.