wood care tips

Love your wood and it will love you back.

Be mindful of the steps below, and your plugs will last as long as you want them to.
  • Avoid getting your plugs wet.
  • Take them out in the shower and when you wash your face. I do my best to prepare each plug for everyday use, but water will wear on the finish. If you do get them wet, wipe dry as soon as possible.
  • Occasionally wash your plugs. Use a wash cloth or damp paper towel with a drop of antibacterial soap and wipe dry. Repeat as necessary.
  • Oil your plugs. Place a drop on the surface and work it in with your fingers, or with a cloth. I use a blend of grapeseed and jojoba oil. Vitamin-E oil can be used as well. Large plugs may require multiple drops. This will help maintain the integrity of the wood, preventing it from drying out or cracking.
  • Sand surface of plugs to improve comfort. Wood swells when it gets wet, and your plugs may swell if worn frequently. If the surface of the wood is raised, sand it down with fine grit sandpaper (400 or higher). Sand plugs by hand until the surface is smooth again. Some woods may swell more than others, depending on the density. Oil after sanding.
  • Your plugs will darken over time. The more that you wear them, exposing them to the elements, the quicker they will darken. Some woods darken more than others. Oiling will also darken the wood. Don't be surprised if they don't look the same as they did a year earlier.
Please feel free to contact me before ordering if you have questions about how any one kind of wood will wear or darken over time.