Beautiful blue opal cab with white splatters

Large cab cut from Australian blue common opal, also know as potch. Although not nearly as prized as gem or fire opal, this stuff can cut some amazing cabs. This one has an opaque blue base with white matrix oozing into the face, looking like suspended white ink.  What do you see in the ink?

I have recently acquired quite a bit more blue opal, but not necessarily with this look. This one is special! Large size and hefty dome would make for a great pendant piece. Back side is a baby blue

Pics taken in LED light, and natural sunlight. 

Approximate size- 35.5 x 22 x 8.5 mm, 41.5 carats

Product Type: Designer cabochons

Category(s): blue, cab, cabochon, cabochons, opal, potch, white

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