Bulgarian agate with brass and sterling, hanging weight style

One of a kind set.  Simple aesthetic with clean execution.  The center stone is a matched pair of Bulgarian agate, which is made up of three different minerals.  The outer green is soft, yellow is opal with medium hardness, and the center is agatized which is hard.  The back is cut open to let light through.  On each side there's 3 stones set, color change alexandrites for compliment.

The silver is 3 mm square stock with about 2.5 inch in diameter.  The silver is attached to the brass on one side, while the other is left open with a 4 mm gap for insertion. 50 grams each. These are large, not for a standard earring.

The last two photos are shown stacked with the sterling/emerald hinge hoops, which are no longer available.

This is a design that's viable in plenty of different options.  Stone and metal combinations could be customized.  Please contact with any inquiries.

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