Old stock chrysocolla malachite

Old stock chrysocolla malachite


Recently I purchased an estate of lapidary supplies sourced in the 70's, been slowly cutting up and discovering new treasures.  The chrysocolla in this material had fully darkened to black and green, was surprised with the bright colors that came out while working on it. The underside still has some of that black, while the top has much rich color.

Chrysocolla is the blue areas, green is malachite.

The stone is mostly soft with some harder areas. Softer areas pitted, but denser harder areas polished. Making the polish uneven and veiny, gives an appreciation to the natural texture.

As mentioned, it's a softer stone, so only a pendant or brooch would be suitable to avoid any damage from wear.

Approximate size: 38 x 41 x  6.3 mm, 86 carats

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