Designer series quartz- Polygon faceted Herkimer quartz fantasy style gem

Herkimer gems and known for their fine formations and water clarity. 

This gem is modified from its crystal formation to have a defined shape, top and girdle.  I've also brought in a few sides to set the angle and added a couple facets, all while keeping two original faces untouched.  The light play in this stone is exceptional.  Two small naturally occurring voids add some character to the otherwise clean gem.

Great as a collectors piece, or would make some killer jewelry.  Please contact if you are interested in making this into a custom project, I'd love to set this thing.

Comes shipped in a glass top case to protect and display the gem

Approximate size- 14 x 16 x 9.7 mm 13.6 carats.  Priced at $6/carat

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