Fine silver with jadeite customizable hoops

An experiment in body jewelry: Anticlasticly raise metal- carve stone to fit in- set stone to close shape- make bottom with removable attachment

The material is fine silver, the shape initially formed (all with hammer strokes) was an open U shape on the top, a hook shape for the wearable.  Guatemalan jadeite is the juicy green stone carved into an oposable U shape, carved and polished to fit in with minimal slack.  There's also some 2 mm white topaz and peridot set at the bottom.  The silver hook holding blue sumatra amber can dangle freely, but also be removed at any time with the option for (endless) new attachments.  Everything went stellar with the exception of breaking one of the hooks last minute, many many hours already into the project.  To finish it the jade was glued and repolished.  Because of that, they will be marked down from the original intended price.  Reasonable offers may be considered, please contact me.

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