Fire agate bubble gem carvings- 3 different ones

Fire agate is a hard chalcedony with a brown/orange base, with bubbles of color that can range across the spectrum.  Orange and greens being more common, while blues and purple tones can be rare.  It's tricky to work evenly, as the material doesn't form that way and just simply cabbing it may grind out some of the fire.  I've been practicing carving for many years now, and this is a great material to put those skills to use.

Each one of these pieces was carved to bring out maximum fire while grinding out and shaping the dull areas.  What we are left with is highly polished bubble agate with sparkles of fire everywhere. Use the zoom feature on the photos to see the detail of the fire up close.  (All pics taken outside in sunlight)

The large and small piece (top left/bottom) were originally one piece that broke while I was working on it.  It would be sweet to keep the two of them together, but they could be separated and each stand alone well.

Comes shipped in a glass top case to both display and protect the stone.

Approximate sizes-

Top left: 30 x 19 x 8.5, 23.3 ct

Top right: 21 x 19 x 5.5 mm, 12.8 ct

Bottom: 15 x 13 x 6.7 mm, 8.5 ct

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