Bone Wrap- Indonesian opalized wood pendant

Bone Wrap- Indonesian opalized wood pendant


Wide range of colors and materials visibly combined into this piece.

I wanted this look sharp and bony, wrapped and knobby. Glossy polish all around.  Partially translucent.

The blue opalized wood comes from indonesia.  It's a mix of opal and chalcedony with trace copper elements for blue and green colors.

One of a kind, original, wearable sculpture by Mark Thone

Size: 40 x 16.5 x 16

Weight: 69.2 carats, 13.8 grams

Comes with a base metal ball chain as shown in the pictures, 24 inches in length.  Please contact for silver or other chain options.

Created during lockdown as part of the Covid collection. Used the abundance of time to build a cohesive collection of mini sculptures. Group shot in the last pic.

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