Eagle claw carved turquoise pendant

Eagle claw carved turquoise pendant


Gripping claw in polychrome

Carved eagle claw made from a multi colored piece of Redskin turquiose, green tips. Made with strong intent and attention to detail.

One thing that I feel strongly about in regards to carving is that the stone will let you know what it wants to be. Sometimes you may look at a rock for a few years before realizing what to do, sometimes you may know right away. When I saw this rough, I knew exactly what to do with it and am happy to have followed through with it.

One of a kind, original, wearable sculpture by Mark Thone

Size: 40 x 23 x 22 mm

Weight: 57 carats

Comes with the sterling silver 1.5 mm box chain as shown in the pictures, 18 inches in length

Created during lockdown as part of the Covid collection. Used the abundance of time to build a cohesive collection of mini sculptures. Group shot in the last pic.

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