Kingman Spaceship! Carved turquoise pendant with garnet

Kingman Spaceship! Carved turquoise pendant with garnet


Baby blue spaceship, with blood red center

A bold and bright blue cut of Kingman turquoise, carved in a teardrop shape with rays that burst out from the center.  Deep grooves cut through the edge and sidewall, interrupting a clean side.  Deep red toned garnet is in the center, set with silver hardware, all handmade for a tight fit without the use of adhesives.

Used my past knowledge of plug making to do a one off type design in a similar fashion to past projects

One of a kind, original, wearable sculpture by Mark Thone

Size: 27 x 21 x 11.5 mm

Weight: 49 carats

Comes with the sterling silver 1.5 mm box chain as shown in the pictures.

Created during lockdown as part of the Covid collection. Used the abundance of time to build a cohesive collection of mini sculptures. Group shot in the last pic.

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