Sun Burst- blue opal and sunstone pendant

Sun Burst- blue opal and sunstone pendant


Contrasting cool and warm fire together in unity. The blue opal pendant is cut in a dog tag style shape, carved with a wavy burst. A vivid orange 7 mm oregon sunstone is set in in a silver bezel with open hardware. Head on you can see the copper schiller, while backlit the orange color glows. At the top, a riveted bail moves freely like a hinge, featuring a firey Indian sunstone cab. All put together without the use of any glue or adhesives.

The blue and green fire looks great in any lighting, but damn this pops in the sunlight! Indoors some of the warmer orange fire comes out.

Pendant size-

36 x 18 x 5 mm

Shown on an 18 inch sterling silver box chain, included with the pendant.

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