Montana moss agate labret

This material can come in shades of translucent, to milky, to white agate suspended with black dendric areas.  Many also contain iron inclusions for the added red, orange, and brown contrast. The agate may also be hued slightly cool blue or warm gray, so they may look way different back lit than head on.  This is one of the reasons why it's such a great stone, cutting into each one is totally unique.

Different examples are shown within this listing.  If you want jewelry that has a certain specific look, please contact directly with a reference (price may change).  Stock will be selected from what's available in the selected size.

Please select shape and size of your labret to order.  All labrets are made with a concave T-back. Stock sized wearable is 10 mm for sizes below 12 mm.  For larger sizes the stock wearable legnth is 12 mm. If you have a desired wearable length or any other specifications, please let me know when ordering.

This is a made to order item.  Production time is about 4-5 weeks. 

Product Type: Stone

Category(s): agate, blue, cool, gray, iron, Labrets, montana, oval, round, stone, warm

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