Sterling silver Eternity snakes with pave set gems

Eternity Snakes  PRICE REDUCED!!!

Shown here in sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver.  The gems are lab ruby, peridot, iolite, garnet, topaz color transition, and london blue topaz in brass (prototype from a few months ago).

The shape of the snake is inspired by Celtic manuscript illumination, going back to the Book of Kells. Letters or other shapes were transformed zoomorphically (into animals or with animal heads), giving new life to that letter or shape. In this case we are bringing a standard oval shape to the life of a snake or sea monster. The idea is to combine that concept with a high end hanging style/ear weight.

Conceptual body jewelry in it’s finest form.

With the exception of the topaz color transition and Iolite, these are all available.  Please contact me direct with any questions.

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