Super flash gemmy moonstone cabs

These are some of the best quality moonstones I've had the pleasure to cut and cab.  Bold and multicolored flash dialed directly in to the face! Transluscent/transparent white base, black inclusions are schorl, or black tourmaline.  Flash shows through all the way through to a well polished back.

Was thinking about stashing these for myself, but it may be a while before I get around to using them.  Ready to go as is, or holler at me to use them in custom jewelry!

Photos taken in sunlight, exposure down to show the true colors.

Freeform- 15.8 x 14 x 4.3 mm, 9.39 carats

Drop shape- 20.5 x 10.5 x 3.3 mm, 6.75 carats

Video post to Instagram-


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