Tiny Bubbles: HOS/GG collaborative carved weights

:Tiny Bubbles: Meticulously hand carved free form bubble detail into glass weights for a one of a kind set

All of the bubbles are carved freehand, with no stencil or design.  Each one is slightly different than the other with a random look in bubble size.  After carving, all bubbles are then polished in a series of grits in a labor intensive process. The result makes each one makes a mini lens of whatever is shown behind it.

These are the Gorilla Glass Eclipse, small size in teal.  42 grams in weight.

More info on the line of weights here:  http://www.getgorilla.com/solid_eclipses.php

Grabbed three sets of Gorilla Glass weights a year back, carved one set back then.  This is part two.   Part three is in hand, to be carved soon.  Possible more in the future as well!

One of a kind set made for a legit HOS/GG collaboration. Thanks Jason Pfohl for letting me carve these!



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