Tuquoise sapphire tech, carved pendant, Covid-collection

Freeform carved pendant in redskin turquoise of Chinese origin.

Waves and ridges barrel through this green toned piece of turquoise.  A flashy hexgonal yellow sapphire is inlaid and set within the turquoise  using sterling silver hardware. All handmade and tightly fit without the use of any adhesive

Had a general idea of how I wanted it to look when I started. Really let the stone dictate where and how to remove material.

One of a kind, original, wearable sculpture by Mark Thone

Size: 53 x 25 x 9 mm

Weight: 68 carats

Comes with the sterling silver 1.5 mm box chain as shown in the pictures.

Created during lockdown as part of the Covid collection. Used the abundance of time to build a cohesive collection of mini sculptures.


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