Two finger adjustable ring with diamonds and white topaz

Set with a .2 carat rose cut diamond center, as well as black diamonds and white topaz.  52 stones total, all hand set.The top is a thick bar of recycled sterling silver attached to an adjustable two finger ring.  The comfortable rings bands cut from thick sheet and are both set to size 9 right now.  They are both open on the side and could be easily stretched to a larger size.  A smaller size can be made by removing a little of each band, and reshaping.  Please let me know on purchase if you'd like the size altered.

This ring was fabricated as means for me to practice this type of stone setting, with a focus on the close proximity setting.  While I'm very happy with the design, the settings can be much cleaner.  The only way to do so is to keep practicing with different patterns and stones.  Since this was more or less a practice ring, I'm taking the price down to only cover materials and some of the labor.

For any custom orders or ideas, please feel free to contact me.  I'm happy to make custom designs like this as practice at reduced rates while learning.


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