White labradorite pendants with bold yellow flash

Working with this material, there's many pieces that look great on their own.   Cutting it into body jewelry, sometimes you lose out on subtle areas of color or transition.  

This is a series of white labradorite pendants sliced to show those subtle details and to display the flash on two parallel sides.  The two sides are hand polished, while the other sides are left natural and a hole is drilled to put a chain through.  Any sharp edges are smoothed out to wear nicely on the skin.

Each piece features a unique display of labradorite.  In addition to the color flash, all of the stone features a sunstone like shiller when the flash isn't present.

There is two separate pendants available:  One that is side drilled with a thicker body, and one that's top drilled with a sterling silver bail and thinner cabochon style profile(SOLD).  Both were cut from the same piece and feature a bold yellow flash.  At an off angle a green fire comes out.  (shown in one pic with a set of plugs, also from the same piece.)

Each pendant is strung on a 24 inch ball chain (shown in pics) which can easily be clipped down if needed.

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