About HOS


Heart On Sleeve specializes in Handmade Jewelry and Gemstones in Rochester, New York, made by Mark Thone. With over 14 years of experience in both jewelry and assorted lapidary techniques, each piece is meticulously worked with an eye for detail. Contact me for more information and any inquiries.

For the love of gems

Gemstones are the back bone of Heart on Sleeve. I love the process of cutting, shaping, carving, and polishing stones. From starting with raw materials, to finished wearable pieces. Passion for all types of precious, semi precious, even man-made gems always keeps me interested. Please know that with the stones are intentionally cut with the idea of how they can be used in jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is an equal passion that I share with gemstones. I'm an experienced bench jeweler by trade. The knowledge accumulated over the past 14 years means that you can buy with confidence that the jewelry will stand the test of time. I enjoy working with all types of metals including gold, silver, bronze, and brass. Each one has their own unique behavior and characteristics.