Amber Waves Large Gem Carving

Amber Waves Large Gem Carving


Droplet shape in Chiapas amber, fully carved on both sides.  The material is nearly spotless, which yields some great optical effects when you move it around.  There's depth to both sides, broken up by contrasting waves. Pictures don't quite do justice to how this looks in hand.

Amber is a soft gemstone with it's own character, doing this type of carving in amber was a challenge.  Had to change up the process from what I'd normally do with hard gems.  Learned a lot, and am super happy with the result.

Available as a loose stone, or I'd be happy to design a pendant with it.  Comes shipped in a glass top display case.

Approximate size- 36.5 x 22.5 x 11 mm, 20.6 carats

Product Type: Gemstone carvings. 

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