Electric Teal Wave in Yag Created Garnet

Electric Teal Wave in Yag Created Garnet


Wavy three-dimensional lines in the glossy top reflects like waves of water. Huge centerpiece that would make an excellent pendant.  Just shy of 50 carats in size

I love the color, it's impossible to come across something this bold and beautiful in this size naturally. This is carved from a type of garnet called YAG.  It's older material, and I'm not sure it's still made or used in jewelry often.  Using manmade gemstones, I am able to work with a large and flawless canvas in wild colors unable to be done otherwise.  It's an excuse to make a fun design like this with no worries.  More of this available for custom made cabs.

Size- 37.3 mm tall, 18 mm wide, 6.3 mm depth, 49.9 carats

Available as a loose gem, or I'd be happy to design a piece for you.  Please inquire.

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