Pietersite Freefrom Polygon Pendant with Mixed Gems and Metals

Pietersite Freefrom Polygon Pendant with Mixed Gems and Metals



Starting with the irregular polygon-shaped pietersite cabochon, the rest was put together outwards with an array of materials to compliment the stone.  All components of the pendant were handmade from wire and sheet metal.  Totally one of a kind piece, designed it while putting it together with no planning.

This pendant was a wild construct made for the open call Polygonclub that I host in 2015-2017.


Pietersite center stone, sterling silver frame with bronze and brass prongs to set the cab. Diagonal on either side are faceted citrines- 6 and 9 mm in beaded silver settings. Lower left is a 4 mm blue topaz in a tall bronze prong setting.  The top halo is made of 2 mm blue sapphires set into brass.  The bail that holds it on a chain is sterling with a Montana sapphire polygon faceted cut in a bronze setting.

Really wanted to make the gems and metals match what's going on in that wild cut of pietersite.  It's got a little of each color to make it up.  Really had a lot of fun putting this together!

Approximate length is 60 mm (about 2-1/4 inch) tall, comes with 24 inch bronze box chain as pictured.

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