Sensual waves in turquoise sculpturally carved pendant

Sensual waves in turquoise sculpturally carved pendant



Freeform carved pendant in redskin turquoise of Chinese origin.

Undulating ripples wrap around and cover the entire surface. Making for details whatever angle you look at it. From 2 ounces rough nugget, to 1 once carved and wearable with a glossy all around polish.

Had a general idea of how I wanted it to look when I started. Really let the stone dictate where and how to remove material.

One of a kind, original, wearable sculpture by Mark Thone

Size: 62 x  33 x 15 mm

Weight: 148 carats

Comes with the sterling silver 3 mm flat snake chain as shown in the pictures, 24 inches in length

Created during lockdown as part of the Covid collection. Used the abundance of time to build a cohesive collection of mini sculptures. Group shot in the last pic.

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