Hot pink Rhodochrosite stallagtite/stalagmite carving

Hot pink Rhodochrosite stallagtite/stalagmite carving


Old stock Argentina rhodochrosite is known for the lush pink tones. It is certainly a favorite around here! This gem carving has carved angles that are domed and rounded to mimic stallagtites and stalagmites. The carvings really show when backlit where the material is thinner.  Flecks of silver chantoyancy catch the light at certain angles adding a little sparkle to the glossy surface.

The pink tones will change in different lighting. Indoors its looks like s a hot pink, outdoors more bubble gum.  Pics shown both indoors and out.

Made with a flat bottom and rounded edges for easy setting in jewelry. Big size would make a great pendant either vertically horizontally oriented.

Ready for your next project. Or if you want this as a pendant, drop me a line.

126 carats, priced at about $1.25/carat

One of a kind gem carving.

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